The Earth First! Roadshow was just in Texas

The Roadshow is in Texas and were at ANOTHER coffee shop!  Weve gone thousands of miles of since Boston (just 4,000! no big deal)  Its warm outside and its pouring rain and bellowing thunder. Were gonna be in Denton, Texas for four days at the Fight Toxic Prisons,  Prison Ecolgy conference.  Here’s the link to their website.
Some very exciting news is that long term Eco Prisoner  Marius Mason has been moved out of administrative segregation into general population!!!  Heres a link
This is the first update in a long time, thanks to the fact that technology seems to hate us as much as we hate technology.    After Boston we got to spend a few days in Vermont as spring was popping off everywhere.  The folks in Burlington were great,  and had some wicked good snacks.

Next stop was New York City  for the anarchist bookfair.  There was a lot of new literature about anti-fascist organizing. Thats a recurring theme weve been seeing all over the country.  Theres a new Trouble video out from submedia about anti-fascist organizing.   A social center in the city called The Base is still running strong.   Theres still a Rojava Solidarity NYC group.   A lot of folks there and around the country are also focusing on solidarity with J-20 defendants.    Its inspiring to see how many people are rallying around that to stand together in the face of hundreds life changing felony charges for showing up to a protest.

We went to the husdson river valley and went to a Water ceremony put on by various  algonquin nations  on the river that flows both ways. Then we all had some really good conversations. The Hudson Valley Earth First! Crew is doing a lot of stuff.  The crowd at that stop was really awesome and seeing lots of connections being made was a great example of why were on tour!  We got  to tour the clearwater sloop.  and the crew was playing lots of beautiful music.  People in that area are also fighting against a giant legoland themepark.   also watch the video.  Its hilarious.  People are also fighting against about 26 oil anchorages up and down the river, thats being proposed by the coast guard. Essentially its Parking for the Oil Industry ON the Hudson river!!!

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2017 Earth First! Roadshow Update and Tour Schedule


To all our friends, comrades and overall agitators in the struggle for a better world: catch us if you can!


We’re about halfway done with our tour and excited to continue to share skills, learn from one another and connect. Were excited to meet all of you and even more excited about the potential we’re living in and how we can all work together within it..

Here’s where we’ll be:
4/28:Lake Worth, FL          6-9pm          701 S. F Street
5/1: May day
5/3: Roswell, GA             6:30pm          Counterpoint   625 colonial park   suite 203
5/4: Asheville, NC           4-9pm         West asheville library

5/5: Virginia Beach, VA     6:00pm
5/6: Baltimore, MD         6-9pm          2640 st paul st.
5/8: Holyoke, MA                                 Carlos Vega park by the benches
5/9: Boston, MA             8.30-10.30pm
5/11: Montpelier, VT         6.30-9pm           255 s Champlain st suite 11
5/13: NYC Anarchist bookfair        4-7pm     Judson  memorial church
5/14: Hudson Valley          2-3pm
5/15: Split Rock Prayer Camp
5/16: White Pint Resist camp (pennsylvania)
5/17: White Pine Resist camp
5/18: Pittsburgh, PA          5-9pm         Big Idea bookstore   4812 Liberty  Ave.
5/19-21: Appalachia Resist Action Camp!   37224 SR 260      Sycamore valley, OH 43754
5/23: Bloomington, IN       7-9pm          Boxcar  Books
5/24: Louiseville, KY
5/25: Kalamazoo, MI
5/26: Madison, WI              5:30pm          11927 WI Highway 59 Evansville
5/28: Minneapolis, MN          12-5pm       2105 1st ave s. Minneapolis
5/30: Omaha, NE                  3330  California  street
5/31: Kansas City, MO         6pm            816 bike collective    541 e 31st st, KC, MO 64108
6/2-5: Toxic Prisons Convergeance Ft. Worth TX
6/7: Durango, CO
6/9: Moab, UT
6/11: Prescot, AZ
6/14: Los Angeles, CA       dynasty center   818 N. Spring st. LA, CA 90012
6/16: Santa Cruz, CA
6/17: Oakland, CA       The Omni  4799 shattuck ave
6/18: Chico, CA
6/20: Spokane, WA          5-8pm    unitarian  universalist
6/21: Missoula, MT
6/22-23: Sandpoint, ID
6/25: Seattle, WA (will you host us?)
6/26: Olympia, WA
6/27: Yachats, OR             441 highway 101 n.   yachats, OR  97498
6/28: Grants Pass, OR/ Applegate Valley

If you have suggestions, ideas or materials/events etc. that you want us to take with on tour, send em our way asap. And of course, our truck needs gas to keep going, so if yr able, consider donating (donation link below, be sure to leave a note saying its for the roadshow).

Here’s to a less crusty roadshow and eventually toward a world without roads!
Earth First! Roadshow Collective, coming to a town near you.

comments and complaints: earthfirstroadshow2017[at]
donations if you can (any leftover money will get filtered to local groups and campaigns)

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The Earth First! Roadshow could really use some money, And we have a donation button now!

Its about a month til the roadshow crew hits the road and we anticipate that having money for gas and other things would be very useful. We’ve been doing some in-person fundraising and have decided to try our hand at doing it digital. We even tried making a facebook to use for fundraising. It was up for one day before those assholes locked us out for not giving a copy of an id.  I guess fedbook has strengthened its resolve to work for the police. Anyways, were getting really excited to see you all out there on the road.  We hope this online fundraising goes well so we dont have to be on the computer any longer than we have to.

To donate click this link:

and please leave a note that its for the roadshow and not the journal.

Also you can go to our website:    and click the donation button there


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Earth First! Roadshow 2017 is hitting the road May 1st

Greetings all rabble rousers, water protectors, land defenders, anti-fascists, and resistance fighters.

In light of all the insanity that is our present political climate, a group of Earth First!ers are excited to announce the 2017 Earth First! Roadshow.
We’ll be hitting the road and planning a two month long cross-country roadshow that will end at the Round River Rondezvous in Northern California! We want to nurture the inspiring seeds of dissidence, learn about and support various cross-country struggles, and connect people and places to a political platform of “Fuck Trump and all the white supremacy, eco-terror, and rage he instills.”

Beginning in late April, we’ll be kicking off our tour in South Florida, and we aim to plan a route that coincides with several action camps and conferences throughout the country. Dates and places to be announced. Will you have us?

Small and rural towns will be given priority as we hash out dates and times. Get in touch with our collective to receive a list of skillshares/workshops we can offer in addition to a short presentation promoting biocentrism within a cross-struggle framework.

For all that is wild and toward a more free world,

Your friendly 2017 Earth First! Roadshow crew

For booking, questions, and comments, email us:

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So many people are throwing down! Florida to Boston continued

Another place we stopped was the Counterpoint Hackerspace in Roswell, GA.   Heres their website.        Another great opportunity to      strengthen the biodiversity of our movement and to continue building a powerful alliance between hackers and forest dwellers.  An exciting new project we all initiated there is to create a new technology for sending unbreakable encrypted messages made out of moss and leaf litter.

Homies in Asheville, NC were getting ready for the Anarchist bookfair. We ran into several folks there in the Firestorm Books and Coffee located at: 610 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC.   

Homies there that are a part of Smoky Mountain Eco-Defense (SMED) are fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.     Here’s their website:     And an article from said website.

Duke Energy Workers Greeted with Banners Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline


Smoky Mountain Eco-Defense (SMED) took the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the regional headquarters of Duke Energy on March 23rd  in Asheville, NC. Following the culmination of a two week long march against the pipeline in eastern NC, folks with SMED paid a visi t to Duke, a major backer of the pipeline, with signs reading “Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline” and “No Justice on Stolen Land”. SMED greeted Duke Energy wor kers coming back from their lunch break and received many an approving honk fr o m supportive drivers.

If built the ACP would bring fracked gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields of West Virginia d own through Virginia and into No rth Carolina. In addition to threatening thousands of acres of N ational Forest, wetlands, farms, and woodlands, the ACP threatens to destroy burial grounds and othe r sacred sites belonging to the Lumbee and Tuscarora tribes.  The amount of gas the pipeline will bring to  market would equal the greenhouse gas emissions created 20 new coal plants.

The good news is the ACP is facing stiff resistance along the entire length of the pipeline route. Many landowners have refused to sell their land or allow surveyors onto their property, and public hearings regarding the pipeline have been packed with people opposing it. SMED and others fighting the pipeline are now setting their sights on the Duke Energy shareholder’s meeting May 4. Word has it that Duke Energy is holding a virtual shareholders meeting online instead of at their headquarters, as is customary, in order to avoid protests. SMED and other groups resisting the pipeline intend to show Duke that ain’t going to work.

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The Earth First! Roadshow is on the road. We’ve made it from Florida to Boston.

The roadshow is flying right along, at about 50 miles per hour.   Everyone got a little sun burnt, salty, and sandy in Lake Worth, FL.  And we got our fill of mango butter and coconut.   Water protectors in Florida are fighting the Sabal Trail Pipeline.  Heres an article from their website:    about James Leroy Marker who was shot and killed by police after sabotaging the sabal trail pipeline.


from Sabal Trail Resistance

The story is still unfolding about a man who lost his life to police bullets after an act of sabotage that disabled a section of Sabal Trail pipeline construction in Marion County on February 26, 2017.

We know that there will be more to say in the coming days or weeks, as family and friends come forward with stories of James’ life. But we felt a need to acknowledge what has happened while the incident is fresh on peoples’ minds and questions are surfacing around his motivations, the value of the actions he took and the response of law enforcement.

First off, it must be noted that his action effectively disabled recent construction activity in a highly controversial area, mere miles from the crossing of preserves including Pruitt, Halpata Tastanaki and the Marjorie Carr Greenway, with sensitive wetlands and endangered species being impacted. This includes land which survived the decades-long Cross Barge Canal battle, only to be torn up for this pipeline.

Pipeline representatives have indicated that they anticipated getting this section in the ground early this week, but will no longer be able to do so as a result of the damage.

Second, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has released an updated statement confirming that in the interaction with Marker, “no law enforcement officer was injured or fired at.” But we have not heard any statement from the Sheriff regarding plans to release dash-cam video footage that would justify their use of deadly force against Marker. While his act may have been destructive to property, there is no evidence of it being physically violent. At this point, the primary element of danger in the situation appears to be in the police decision to initiate a high-speed chase.

And lastly, while few details of Markers life are available publicly, we have learned that he was known by friends as a lover of the Earth and humanity, that he was a military veteran, that he participated in environmental/social advocacy, and that he was a father.

We understand that there are complex feelings among those who have been part of fighting this pipeline, and while we don’t wish to dismiss difficult conversations, we feel that focusing on honoring the sacrifice Marker made to take a stand against this pipeline is of a greater immediate importance than debating the strategy, tactics or morality of his action.

We send our sincere condolences to friends and family of Marker. If there is a public memorial site or event in the future, we will do our best to let folks know about it.

if you’re still reading this see if you can find the oxford  comma in the beginning of the post.


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Were getting ready. See you soon

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