The Earth First! Roadshow was just in Texas

The Roadshow is in Texas and were at ANOTHER coffee shop!  Weve gone thousands of miles of since Boston (just 4,000! no big deal)  Its warm outside and its pouring rain and bellowing thunder. Were gonna be in Denton, Texas for four days at the Fight Toxic Prisons,  Prison Ecolgy conference.  Here’s the link to their website.
Some very exciting news is that long term Eco Prisoner  Marius Mason has been moved out of administrative segregation into general population!!!  Heres a link
This is the first update in a long time, thanks to the fact that technology seems to hate us as much as we hate technology.    After Boston we got to spend a few days in Vermont as spring was popping off everywhere.  The folks in Burlington were great,  and had some wicked good snacks.

Next stop was New York City  for the anarchist bookfair.  There was a lot of new literature about anti-fascist organizing. Thats a recurring theme weve been seeing all over the country.  Theres a new Trouble video out from submedia about anti-fascist organizing.   A social center in the city called The Base is still running strong.   Theres still a Rojava Solidarity NYC group.   A lot of folks there and around the country are also focusing on solidarity with J-20 defendants.    Its inspiring to see how many people are rallying around that to stand together in the face of hundreds life changing felony charges for showing up to a protest.

We went to the husdson river valley and went to a Water ceremony put on by various  algonquin nations  on the river that flows both ways. Then we all had some really good conversations. The Hudson Valley Earth First! Crew is doing a lot of stuff.  The crowd at that stop was really awesome and seeing lots of connections being made was a great example of why were on tour!  We got  to tour the clearwater sloop.  and the crew was playing lots of beautiful music.  People in that area are also fighting against a giant legoland themepark.   also watch the video.  Its hilarious.  People are also fighting against about 26 oil anchorages up and down the river, thats being proposed by the coast guard. Essentially its Parking for the Oil Industry ON the Hudson river!!!

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